Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dear Mr. Valentine's Facebook Profile

A true love between 2 individuals is the super most power and the ultimate joy of life time. Only they can feel it, who are in there. My deepest greetings to all of them on this day. Pardon me for having cold shoulder while I write abut it. I am just trying to wipe tears that may flow after few years because of wrong choice. take it in positive way. Because in love, you never know it was a failure, until you shed tears and you are tired to wiping them from your cheeks.

"We had a lovely life so far, and yesterday also we been together. And, today she/he broke up with me. After getting committed with new one.

-Vary Smith

The love which is so pure, dedicated, futuristic and honest for you may be just a game for other one. And the above testimonial quotes it. 'getting a new one after break up' and 'breaking up after getting a new one' decides the price for past love. 'having a new one along with you' decides the un-billed price!

I quoted this from a article
which got recently published on one of my author friend's blog. I am not here to explain what is love? Nobody has to describe the love because as long as there is love there is everything, and nobody has to describe it. But, I thought of writing on the second phase of love. These days there are more break ups than the proposals. Its because we never think before falling in love. My advice is 'think before falling in love, and never think after that'

I would want you to answer a simplest question. So that you can avoid the huge debts in the near future.

What made you to fall in love? (First step of happy love)
List out top 5 reasons that made you to fall in love. If your reason is one among 'looks, lust, money, availability, replacement' then be ready to pay for it. It's gonna crack withing next blink.

How long it took to fall love? (Second step of safe love)
Love is not an open manhole in the sidewalk waiting for you to blindly fall into it. The facts is that the love never just happen. It takes days, weeks, and months of finding big and small ways to perpetuate the ecstasy of illicit attraction. Love is a choice - not an emotion. No love happens without a want. The faster it grows, the fastest it fails’ that’s the truth about love.

Fight/dispute and the wait time (Third step of just love)
Let there be fight, doubt, beat, let the tears flow. Pull the thread hard to test before you use to stitch with it. If the thread is weak it will cut off. There are only 2 states of love. 'it is' and 'its not' there is nothing in between. If it is, then nothing can beat it. if it is not then there is no way to help it. Dispute about anything except an entry of another person in love is always welcome and it can be patched out.

Let he/him go away. Let her/him take a walk and think about it. This is the wait time and time to fix the price of love. This is wait time, how long you can wait for your loved ones? This is time to decide what stage you are in? 'it is' or 'its not'? if 'it is' you both would be waiting for each other for years. if 'it's not' then there wont be your number in her/his most dialed numbers list by next day.

Dont try to stitch the broken egg. (Last step of love)
There is a thinnest layer between the 2 loving individuals. Made up of trust and honesty. It is so delicate that even a strong blow can tear it away. The feel of this layer is so awesome to enjoy the love. But, once it breaks just take a break up. A patch up doesn't stay for long time. honestly, think of giving a happy ending (though it never works) A happy break up is never reality because one loves too much and other loves too many :)

It is not the end, its another journey to find a proper one. At the end thank her/him for providing another opportunity to make the life beautiful with a heart that loves you.

On the other side...
I dont know the advantages of mobile and Facebook, but I know for sure these two have successfully redefined the meaning of love. Saala, if they were not there, at least girls and guys would have had some time to think and analyze why the break up happened. Falling in love for first is not so delighting than falling in love with an ex!

Thanks to Indian Electricity Board - there are living examples of people who got rebounded just because they dialed ex number while there was nothing to when there was no power supply. There is no condition for love, its eternal. We make it*

Wishing you a very Happy day of your own.
Let there be love around you always, for ever & ever

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