Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Brahmin and Buffalo

Many of my friends know a friend of mine 'Manja', one of my friend calls him 'philosopher' also. He was a teacher in a school and now he runs granite business. He is my all time friend, he is just like a duplicate copy of my heart. He is younger than me but seen and experienced everything in life. When ever we meet, we keep talking for whole night and we talk everything.

He is the best person when it comes to knowledge, it doesn't mean that he know everything but he know how to handle things. He is very good at communication. He is very interesting person and got simplest solution for greatest issues.

Last day we were discussing something and even I was in dilemma over that issue. When I asked him, he didn't spoke much but, he said, 'Mava (we call each other Mava, father -in-law!)

'Mava, did I narrated a story about 'Brahmin's buffalo' anytime?'

I said, 'no, you didn't'

he, 'then listen to this story, it may help you'


Once there was a Brahmin in a village, and he was much concerned about purity, hygiene, and cleanliness. He had a beautiful buffalo, which was giving lot of milk. Everything was good going until one day a villager ignited a gossip saying that, the Brahmin's buffalo eats shit! But, Brahmin didnt believed that in initial days, but the news went shredding like hot dogs in the village. One fine day Brahmin followed the buffalo and for god sake it ate shit!! So he thought of teaching a lesson to buffalo, and followed the buffalo with a stick in hand. When ever buffalo put its mouth near shit, the Brahmin hit it hard. after few days he observed, when ever he is behind the buffalo it didn't even smelled shit, but, the moment he is away, the buffalo again ate shit.

But, this time Brahmin tied the buffalo inside the cattle shed and fed it with green grass, vegetables, and left-out-food. He didn't let the buffalo go out for 2 months! Again days were fine.

After 3 months, Brahmin let the buffalo out of shed, thinking that it has got its lesson in 3 months and will not eat shit again. The next moment the buffalo was released, it ran like anything to outskirts of village searched for every piece of shit and started eating! though Brahmin was beating it like anything it never stopped eating!

Then, Manja said, 'Mava, there are people around us like the buffalo, and they cant stop eating shit. If you try to stop them, for the moment they act like not eating shit but next moment they do it again. One day they turn so shameless that they don't even care if you are hitting them from behind and they continue to eating shit. If you go on following it then you will be dumped in shit one day. But you cant stop them eating shit, if they have eaten it once then they don't mind repeating it'

If we are intelligent, leave the buffalo and let it continue eating shit. Meanwhile we can bring a cow and start using cow milk or never use milk. If we are so dependent on buffalo milk, then ignore the shit and continue using milk as if you are unaware of the buffalo eating shit.

I was so impressed :) and best lesson of that moment.


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  2. Good story by Manja.. if he is your heart, then you are my heart sonny :-)

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