Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Low Gravity Road -

Monday morning 5:12 AM, I was walking down the WC road near Rajaji nagar. I was thinking.... the thought budded up few hours ago while I was in bus. Was heading back to Bangalore from Ranebennur, since it was a Xmas and new year eve most of the buses were full so took a minibus to Bangalore. Settled down at the back seat and was just thinking.

Can we build a road on 'low gravity field?' My Idea was basic and simple, having the facility available for common man and burning same amount of fuel but traveling at the speed of 2 or 3x, lets say 400 to 500km/h.

The only reason that makes us to drive in limited speed is the gravity, The strength of the gravitational field is numerically equal to the acceleration of objects under its influence. This means that, ignoring air resistance, an object falling freely near the Earth's surface increases its velocity by 9.81 m/s (32.2 ft/s or 22 mph) for each second of its descent.

What if we can reduce this gravity by 9.8 to 5 or 5.5?

The possible ways to reduce the gravity is either reduce the mass of earth - which is impossible or increase the distance between road and earth surface - which is not practical. Building a road on low gravity needs to be done so high in space that, one needs few days to get on to the road. to reduce the gravity of the Earth by a factor of one million one needs to be at a distance of 6 million km from the Earth. Which is just stupid idea.

There should be a third experiment where in the gravity can be reduced to half, but how?

If we could reduce the Earth's gravity by just a few percentage points it would have a drastic difference on everything. Humans would feel peppier and not have so much wear and tear other bodies, which would probably increase their lifespan. Trees would grow much taller and in more abundance, and better able to suck more of the CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Do hell ! but do something to do it.

There would come a day, a super technology that would just do it. by then ma kids can do up n down from hubli to bangalore in an hour :) There is lot more to come before i die!


  1. Waw.. i loved it.. out of box... Good way to start new year bro

  2. Speaking to aliens is one of ma resolution for this life. Am wondering why the hell all UFO breaks down and land in US. why not in Bangalore!